Sunday, 26 May 2013

How to prepare oneself to be a research scholar

Hi readers today am going to share about how to prepare yourself to become a research scholar.......

When we were kids, most of us would have faced some big questions like,  what do you want to be in the future ?, what is your ambition?, what is your career plan? etc., which are so funny because most of us would  have had no idea about what they have been asked and even a few of us would not even heard of such words like ambition or career before, but, even then, when we ask a question that starts with WHAT TO BECOME? to a kid, the ready made answer would be to become a Doctor or Engineer or a Civil Servant and  I am sure most of us had no idea about these when we were kids.
Later, after the schooling, this ambition/ career thing is considered as a serious one and now most of us would prefer lucrative or powerful careers like Engineering, M.B.B.S., I.A.S, I.P.S, M.B.A, etc. Research will consume three to four more years of our life but there will be a worthy result.

  Now let's talk about those who have taken the less traveled road , RESEARCH, in India slowly the importance for research is blooming up , the Indian Government has announced scholarships to promote research in India through UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION, the important one among them are


    UGC - NET JRF : Objective type of exams are conducted twice in a year (six months once) June and December, the exam is conducted in a day with three sets if question paper.

Part - I : This is a general paper , the questions will be from current affairs, teaching skills, logical reasoning, english and aptitude. There will be sixty questions ,fifty questions should be answered.

Part - II : This will be the subject paper , fifty questions will be asked and all the questions should be answered.

Part - III : This is also will be from the subject paper with seventy five questions and all the questions should be answered.

Each question carries two marks , there is a pass criteria based on the reservation.

Top fifteen percentage of mark scorers will be eligible for lectureship and among them a few of them will be selected as JUNIOR RESEARCH FELLOWS and scholarship will be given for five years.

There are some other fellowship based on reservations such as

MANF - Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minorities

Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship for schedule caste and Tribe, etc.,.

All these details can be obtained from

These are all some of the ways to become a research scholar, but this is definitely not enough.

Making up your mind

So far  , we have seen some of the eligibility to get into research field(in India), once we decide to get into this line , we should be mentally prepared.

First of all , we should decide on which subject we should conduct the research, it is not compulsory to do research in our Master degree or M Phil. Interdisciplinary research can also be conducted provided there is a correct link between the subjects we choose.

once the subject is selected , the next step would be determining particular area of research in your subject. This may be determined based on the depth of the problem, the most related subject,the subject knowledge of the guide and more.......

Selecting the right guide 
 will be posted soon.......


Saturday, 25 May 2013

Welcome Readers

"If we knew what it was we were doing , it would not be called research, would it?"
                                                                                                                 Albert Einstein

Welcome  everyone .......
    This is a blog created by a young research scholar from one of the well renowned universities in India. Anybody willing to find a solution for any kind of problem, it may be social , political, economical, demographic, scientific, cultural, etc., can call themselves as a researcher .The purpose of this blog is very simple and clear, to promote research, to help and share my thoughts with those young minds for whom research is more of a passion than a day to day routine work. There are a lot of people like me who consider research as a serious issue , all those tiny tiny thoughts that pop up in our minds which sometime we feel really stupid or idiotic may be a serious research problem, most of us just ignore it and there are a very few rare specimen like me who consider it seriously and try to develop a research problem.
     Research had lead to many wonderful inventions and innovative ideas since the prehistoric times, but then also research is considered as a second option or the job for the jobless by most of the graduates in India. In a country like India with such a huge historical Background and wide Human Resource, the proportion of contribution made to research considerably declines to single digit number in percentage. As you all know , India is a fast developing country, this is the haven of research , there are a lot of scope for research and innovative works which may even become a life changing step.

    However , in this blog , I am going to share about RESEARCH from an Academic point of view, i.e., The normal process of  conducting a research as per the prospectus of PhD. This may Help those who have enrolled as research scholars in various universities but still have no idea about how to conduct a research. In this blog I am going to share all the information I know from the initial process of research i.e., Literature survey, Identification of problem, abstract,............................... till the end i.e., reference model, subject index, etc.,. 

All those information will be shared as soon as possible and I hope it will be useful to one and all.......